Kiyotaka Yagashira (家頭 清貴 Yagashira Kiyotaka?) is a 22-year-old graduate student at Kyoto University who is often called "Holmes". He is an apprentice at Kura and learns how to do appraisals for antiques.


He is noted to be very smart and has a wicked or "nasty" personality that Aoi often comments on it calling it his "trademark nastiness". He dislikes "arrogant overbearing playboys" as it reminds him of his past relationship with his ex Izumi, therefore did not like Akihito at first, but now he is slowly growing fond of him as he is not totally an arrogant overbearing playboys.

Though he proves to be very observant and has great deduction skills- which he's able to utilize when asked to discern a fake antique from a real one -Kiyotaka admits that when it comes to romance and his own feelings he is completely hopeless and fails to make objective judgements which then leads to him being unable to acknowledge and accept what he feels.

In a conversation with Aoi, he hints that he is interested in entering a new relationship but every time he tries to make a decision or think more of it, he is met with an answer that he cannot fully grasp thus making him question if he really wants to start a relationship in the first place. Even though he had been in a relationship in the past, Kiyotaka admits that he still finds himself quite inexperienced. He was flattered when Izumi asked him out and was willing to date her due to the fact that he wanted to experience what it felt like being in a relationship. He then proceeded with saying that in the end, his and Izumi's relationship was a bit of a mess.

His birthday is on Valentine's day.